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Shipping Policy

At VUUV we provide prime shipping to all our customers. Before shipping, the product passes through various processes like inspection, high quality packaging etc.. We ensure a fast and on-time delivery and safe shipping through timely communication at each stage. We will start processing within 48 hours as soon as the order is received and it might take an extra 2 to 3 days if the product is out of stock, ensure the availability of stock before placing the order. You are informed at every stage i.e.- when the order is placed, processed, shipped, and delivered. If you do have any queries regarding your order contact our customer support and they will resolve your problem. To ensure safe and fast delivery of the products, we ship through reputed courier partners. Fixed batteries and liquid products cannot be shipped by air. If it needs to ship through surface then it might get delayed from the time mentioned in product page. Shipping these items through surface is possible only if government permits. If you demand for shipping through air, then the manufacture seal will be opened and the battery is separated and shipped individually along with the product. Non Removable batteries cannot be shipped. Product’s invoice shall be shipped only subject to realization of 100% payment or as per credit terms approved by


The Buyer agrees that the title to the goods is transferred to the buyer at the time of placing the Order and dispatch confirmation thereof irrespective of Shipping of Goods and COD which are to be done in due course being a separate chargeable facility.


We like to inform that we do not own any own courier services and are dependent on third party couriers that would do the deliveries. Once the order is processed, we send an automated sms with dispatch details that can be tracked on the courier company’s website. They may make errors now and then, or deliveries maybe delayed at times, but we assure you it is our responsibility that you receive the packages. Since we do not offer cash on delivery, we know payments have been made so anxiety may be there, but we take responsibility to ensure deliveries are done and if there is an error by the courier company we make sure it is sorted. At times, there is an inconsiderate delay that even we may not know- in cases where a parcel has been misrouted by them, or returned, but we do send a fresh package then so you have fresh products. Also, once a parcel has been dispatched we cannot change address, or once an order has been placed even though it hasn’t been dispatched, it is difficult to add or subtract products as they are shipped from our warehouse directly. Our courier partners may inspect the package at times and such action will be demanded by government authorities or equal cadre staffs. During such situation all risks are borne by courier partners and it is subjected to their terms. 

Orders that are imported from outside India will be shipped via registered courier or reputed courier partners. These orders undergo customs inspection as and when they reach India. The tracking details will be communicated the same via email. Please note, the delivery time for these orders are 10 – 15 days under normal conditions, however there are exceptions where there is a delay because of uncontrollable reasons such as delay in customs inspection, or government holiday where the customs office is closed. In these cases we request your patience. We do take full responsibility for the delivery.




Estimated Shipping Time process to ship the items within the specified time frame in the product page. Shipping is done only on business days, public holidays and Sundays are excluded.

Shipping time is based on the following factors: 

·      Products availability

·      Time taken for the product to reach the market

·      The destination to which the order wants to be shipped

·      Whether the product is outsourced from an International location

An estimated delivery time is displayed on the Order Summary page. On placing your order, you will receive an email containing a summary of the order and also the estimated delivery time to your location.

Sometimes, delivery may take longer due to

·      bad weather

·      flight delays

·      political disruptions

·      other unforeseen circumstances

In such cases, we will proactively reach out to you. Please check your emails and SMS regularly for such updates. We have major stock but supply from distributors may delay at some times. In such cases, we keep the buyer informed. 

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